Tuesday, 13 March 2018 10:04

How This Bull Market Will End

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(New York)

Few remember how this very long bull market started, but it happened with some very badly blown earnings forecasts. At the grim bottom of the Financial Crisis in 2009, analysts were expecting double digit declines in corporate earnings. Instead, earnings rose, starting what is a bull market entering its tenth year. Now, Bloomberg says, blown earnings forecasts will be what turns this bull into a bear. Analysts tend to be comically wrong on earnings forecasts at the most pivotal moments, and with sentiment looking very strong, it may very well be a similar miss to 2009 that sends the bull market off its lofty perch.

FINSUM: A big earnings miss right when the economy looks strong would be very jarring for investors and sow a lot of doubt about the future. This call seems plausible to us.

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