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Thursday, 25 November 2021 06:29

Non-income Stocks Getting Hurt

Tech stocks had a big fall this week, but it more importantly it was the concentration of tech stocks that hedge funds loaded up on that took the biggest tumble. For instance, Farfetch Ltd. and Snowflake Inc. faced their largest drops since March. Hedge funds have been bullish on growth stocks and the high value/low income stocks set record holdings dating back to 2002. Driving tech’s downfall are rate hikes being priced into yields and undermining stocks hinging on future cash flows, like tech.

FINSUM: Tech stocks are more fragile than ever because profits are dwindling after the pandemic boost, and future rate hikes could cause serious tech blowback.

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Friday, 19 November 2021 19:43

The Hiring Market is Demanding More ESG

Across the best MBA programs like Wharton, Duke, and Harvard business school there is a surging interest in impact investing and climate finance. In the last nine years there has been a 240% increase in enrolment in electives related to social issues at HBS. Money is flowing into ESG and that is boosting a demand for jobs and salaries, and that is peaking the interest of the rising graduates. 19% of graduate students leaving Stanford Business School are taking jobs in and around social impact. Overall this will shape business for years to come because of the exposure to ESG as it is worked in throughout the curriculum regardless if graduates end up taking final positions related to sustainability.

FINSUM: ESG is still a minority interest among rising MBA grads, and that's because salaries may be on the rise but they still trail overall averages.

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Thursday, 18 November 2021 17:48

A Big New Asset Class Just Arrived to the US

The new age gold rush had investors and hedge funds sprinting to the euro area investing in the carbon market where prices doubled last year, but hedge funds are betting California is the big break. If the U.S. is serious about its climate aspirations then the price of carbon will have to increase and California is already a leading collector in the tax of carbon. There has already been an 85% increase in the price of carbon per ton this year stateside and those tax dollars are funding municipality-related climate initiatives such as wildfire prevention. However, the carbon taxes come at a cost. The higher built-in tax drives up consumer goods prices when inflation is already on the minds of every American. Overall investors like Blackstone see gains coming.

FINSUM: In the long-term, this could be another major global financial market that is centered in the US.

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Thursday, 04 November 2021 18:04

Is ESG Issuance Slowing?

ESG has been for 2021 what the dotcom expansion was for the year 2000, but maybe that growth will fall off like tech did in the early 2000s. This month was startling for the ESG investors as debt issuance took a dive. Green bond issuance slumped 28% and other categories like social bond sales and sustainability loan offerings were down 54% and 49% (respectively) month-to-month. Annually ESG is still in a wonderful place in comparison to last year as the cumulative bonds are over $500 billion ahead when compared through the first 10 months. This volume is concerning still as investors had higher projections for 2021 than are currently being met.

FINSUM: ESG is nowhere near over but ‘faux’ green bonds could be catching enough attention to slow the ESG trend.

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