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The Best ESG Funds of 2021

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With 2021 almost coming to a close it's worth looking back at the biggest ESG funds of the last year, and three have stood out in a very saturated market. Goldman’s Future Planet Equity ETF is an active fund that addresses environmental problems and has raked in $107m since its launch in mid-July. Invesco’s MSCI Sustainable Future ETF focuses on corporations utilizing natural resources more efficiently and has outperformed the previous Goldman’s Future Planet fund by 4.7% since July. Finally, the Humankind U.S. Stock ETF is an ESG focused fund that is weighted by proprietary data and varies greatly from the traditional cap-weighted ETF. HKND has raised over $106 million since its launch in February.

FINSUM: These are stand out performers in a highly saturated market, equity focused ETFs are the route to take as far as ESGs.

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