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Alternative strategies name of game for many investors in eye of unabated market volatility

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Inflation: the omnipresent bugaboo. As it continues to hang around a 40 year high in the U.S., to offset unabated volatility In the traditional stock market, many investors are plumbing for alternative strategies, according to as sourced from yieldstreet.

Now, fortuitously, in recent years. diversity and accessibility has evolved into the name of the game in alternative investment options. Yieldstreet, among other online investment platforms, have significant ratcheted up the ease with which investors can alter direction and sprinkle critical diversification into the portfolios, the site continued. 

And there’s this: given the gaggle of strategies from which to select, all investors need do is home in on the alternative investment , such as P2P Lending, real estate or crypto, best sutured to for their specific investing style and level of risk.

So, if the stock market isn’t your cup of tea, according to, seven best investment alternatives include: 

  • Gold
  • Real estate
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Art
  • Wine & Liquor
  • NFTs
  • Watches

In the event inflation extends beyond 3%, the site added, there’s as much as a 32% uptick in art sales.  When conditions hit the skids in traditional finances, investors head to the best alternative investments. That, most of the time? Bingo. Art.

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