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Well it just happened. The two alternative Italian parties—the Five Star movement and the League have just formed a coalition government to govern Italy. The new PM of the country will be Conte, a very inexperienced politician who comes from a legal and academic background. According to the WSJ, “Matteo Salvini, the 45-year-old leader of the League who pledged to deport hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, will become interior minister”.

FINSUM: There is now a strongly anti-Euro and anti-EU government in power in Italy. A default and a devolution to the old Lira are entirely within the realm of possibility.


In what seems to be a spread of European unrest, Spain’s Parliament voted today to remove the country’s PM, Mariano Rajoy, who has been in power for seven years. While the reasons for his ouster are very different than in Italy, the move will add pressure to a European continent that is plagued by political unrest. Rajoy’s party was plagued by a corruption scandal, which seems to have ultimately undone the PM. He will be replaced by a PM from the Socialist party.

FINSUM: The worry we have here is that the socialist party may undo a lot of the budgetary gains that have been made during austerity—not totally dissimilar to Italy in effect. Then again, at least they are not Euro sceptics.


While all eyes are on Italy and its political/markets crisis, the answer to the really scary question—will the Eurozone and EU fall apart—might lay in Spain. Italy is going to go down the road it chooses, but the big consternation is really about whether others will follow. To see the extent of the crisis, one needs to follow Spain, which will be holding a no confidence vote for its PM on Friday, with socialists likely to take over in his party’s absence.

FINSUM: If Italy falls, the next domino seems likely to be Spain. If the pair indicate they are leaving the Euro we will probably have a financial crisis unfold.

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