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The future of the EU is an open question, and one that seems to be growing bleaker once again. Much of the cultural mood that preceded Brexit is now taking hold in Germany. German media is angry at the ECB about robbing its savers of income with very low or negative interest rates. News outlets refer to the “expropriation” of German assets (a term with huge historical resonance). Altogether, the German people are angry about their wealth funding the rest of an EU they see as squandering it.

FINSUM: Germany has benefitted disproportionately from the Euro as it keeps their currency artificially weak. Yet it is also true that hard working Germans have been subsidizing the irresponsible finances of southern Europeans for years. It seems a way off, but Germany could be the next EU domino.


In a very worrying report from the EU< European manufacturing is in a “free fall”. Data from Germany, the bloc’s largest economy, shows that the country’s manufacturing industry is declining rapidly. “In manufacturing, the business climate indicator is in freefall”, said the head of a highly regarded economic research group. The chief economist at Commerzbank added that “there is far and wide nothing to be seen of the second half recovery hoped”, continuing “Germany is in a grey area between a marked growth slowdown and a recession”.

FINSUM: Europe certainly looks headed for a recession (unless the ECB can save it). Will the US catch the economic flu this time, or remain Teflon America?


We thought it would be good to add a little European flavor to today’s coverage. The Financial Times has written a very insightful piece about the EU and the effect Brexit has had on it. In particular, it cites Donald Tusk, one of the EU’s top policymakers, who says that Brexit has been a “vaccine” against anti-EU parties across the continent. “As Europeans see what Brexit means in practice they also draw conclusions … vaccine against anti-EU propaganda and fake news”.

FINSUM: The EU has seen what Brexit has done to quell any anti-EU sentiment within the Union, which means it will never let off the gas pedal in making Britain’s departure a hellish ordeal.

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