With, oh, say, Gilligan’s Island in its crosshairs, it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for proponents of investment strategies associated with environmental, social and governance data, according to

In fact, reems have been put to the old laptop revolving how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine culminated in geopolitical questions related to why Russia received ESG focused funds to begin with. Then what happened? Markets scram south and, in the process, a plethora of large ESG funds got hammered because, stemming from their massive holdings in tech stocks that took a beating, they registered losses worse than those absorbed by benchmarks.

McKinsey & Co. consultants, in a new paper, “Does ESG Really Matter—and Why,” go through a plethora of reasons ESG, of late, drew heavy duty criticism. At the end of day, the current turbulence surrounding its specific components aside. they concluded the underpinnings of ESGs and the adherence of “social licenser to them, way down the road, still will be integral to companies.

Meantime, mark the calendar, because a comeback’s on the docket. The Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit – or ESGs 2022 –  recently proclaimed that, in the upcoming event, Riot Games will be a Platinum Exhibitor, according to

The event will take place Oct. 28-30 at the SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia complex in Pasay City.

Riot Games, of course, is world renowned for delivering gamers the largest, most played esports titles. Eventually, it spawned a gaggle of related media.

Last week, Charles Schwab announced the upcoming launch of the Schwab Municipal Bond ETF (SCMB). The ETF, which is expected to begin trading on October 12, will trade on the NYSE Arca. SCMB will have an expense ratio of only 0.03%, which will be much lower than comparable funds. The ETF will provide access to the broad U.S. investment grade, tax-exempt bond market. The fund’s goal is to track the total return of the ICE AMT-Free Core U.S. National Municipal Index, which measures the performance of the U.S. AMT-free municipal bond market. SCMB seeks to provide income exempt from federal taxes and is not subject to the federal alternative minimum tax. The ETF will have a high credit quality profile, investing only in investment-grade rated securities. John Sturiale, Head of Product Management and Innovation, Schwab Asset Management, stated, “As bond yields have risen, fixed income investing is more attractive than it has been in years, making this an opportune moment to introduce a new choice for investors seeking a low-cost, straightforward approach to income, diversification and risk management in their portfolios.”

Finsum: Charles Schwab is launching an ultra-low-cost Municipal bond ETF targeting investment-grade securities.

Lingering doubts over escalation inflation and the response of the Fed aside, longer duration US Treasuries and investment grade corporate debt ETFS are the cat’s meow among European investors, according to

As of the end of July, in Europe, fixed income ETFs attracted more than $4.2bn over the past three months, according to data from Bloomberg Intelligence.

Meantime, Fitch Ratings reported that, in all likelihood, U.S. insurers will continue, unabated, to up their fixed income exchange-traded fund holdings, according to

Since last December – when new guidelines kicked in in The Big Apple -- Fitch indicated it has rated 10 such ETFs. It eased the way for insurers to hang onto shares of fixed income ETFs. Until Jan. 1, 2027, shares of an ETF, for the purpose of a domestic insurer’s risk based capital report, on the condition the ETF satisfies certain criteria, in a regulation adopted by the New York State Department of Financial Services. It became effective Dec. 15.

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