The Fed hiked rates at the latest FOMC meeting but they were partially forced to with just about every measure of inflation hitting 30-year highs. However, more importantly they project that the federal funds rate will hit 2.75% by the end of 2023. This may have been the first hike in years but it will be one of eleven if they want to hit that mark. The bond market is pessimistic as they not only are projecting less hikes, but slower growth as well. The yield curve is indicating inflation will be under control but it might be costly. Typically this means that the Fed won’t mean to hike as frequently as they are indicating. There has been a lot of action in the TIPS market and it is indicating they expect inflation to average just shy of 2.8% in the next decade.

Finsum: Markets are most likely right in this scenario and that fewer rate hikes will get inflation under control; hopefully the economy can take the hit.

February was a bad month for fixed income ETFs which saw $32.2 billion in outflows. This marks the third straight month in a row of outflows. However, fixed income wasn’t the only category suffering in February; many traditional funds like money markets and stock/mixed asset funds saw outflows as well. This is an overall bearish sentiment that is creeping across the market, and signals that investors are worried about future rate hikes for the Fed. However, alternative funds continue to be on a win streak as they had their strongest inflows in over a year and have 11 consecutive months of inflows.

Finsum: There is a stronger correlation with stocks and bonds than there was thirty years ago and many investors are turning away from bond funds in the face of volatility.

2021 was a comeback year for active fixed Exchange Traded Funds. Driving this home was a huge set of inflows as they saw a tenth of inflows globally, many of these came from the US. That trend isn’t stopping as nearly 80% of investors are searching to expand that position in 2022. Many investors see active funds having an edge with global turmoil increasing, as Russia-Ukraine escalates, and there are many macro risks domestically. Additionally, investors are clamoring to buy more ESG ETFs in 2022 as this trend shows no signs of falling off.

Finsum: Markets were messy and pretty hard to predict in the aughts, but active management seems to have a leg up in picking tech growth as well as fixed income winners.

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