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If you are looking for for a safe place to earn some yield in munis, look to Texas. Specifically, the Texas Permanent School Fund, a heavy weight in the muni market that backs $80 bn of debt. The fund has a triple A rating from multiple agencies and is one of the safest bets in the market. The bonds average a 1.9% yield, which is quite strong for the muni market, especially considering the average triple A only yields 1.7%.

FINSUM: This seems like a very strong credit, and one with a surprisingly good relative yield.

(New York)

JP Morgan thinks bonds are the best of a bad bunch. That is essentially what JP Morgan is saying about the asset class. The investment bank says that bonds are not in a bubble, though there are no good discounts either. JP Morgan, which is the world’s largest underwriter of bonds, says that despite the 100 bp dive in Treasury yields, bonds are not a bubble ready to burst. The bank thinks the Fed will stay on hold, not cut, until the end of 2020 given the increased pressure the trade war will put on the economy.

FINSUM: Despite the speed with which the bond market has seen yields fall, it is relatively hard to imagine them rising back to over 3% any time soon (even if China dumps its holdings). Thus, we generally agree with JP Morgan’s assessment.

(New York)

The trade war has really taken a toll on Treasury yields. The tensions between the US and China have made investors bearish about the economy, sending Treasury prices sharply higher, and steepening the inversion. Treasury yields just hit their lowest point since 2017, with ten-year yields falling as low as 2.27%, light years from where they were in the fourth quarter. Even the 30-year is only at 2.7%.

FINSUM: Yields are going to move in step with the trade war. We think the general trend will be downward given the market anxiety and the fact that the Fed is likely to be more dovish.

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