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Tuesday, 09 July 2024 03:31

Behavioral Finance Can Help HNW Clients

Bias is a huge problem for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), with nearly two-thirds   acknowledging that biases influence their investment decisions and 79% seeking relationship managers (RMs) to help mitigate these biases, the need for wealth managers to modernize their profiling tools is more pressing than ever.


 AI-powered behavioral finance offers a sophisticated solution, providing RMs with deep insights necessary for crafting hyper-personalized financial plans, portfolios, and client experiences. 


Traditional demographic profiling methods are inadequate, often leading to incomplete client profiles and unsatisfactory experiences, as evidenced by the same percentage of HNWIs concerned about personalization. Embracing this technology can transform how wealth managers engage with clients, offering tailored advice and capturing a larger share of the HNWI market.

Finsum: Technology is really allowing advisors more flexibility than ever which can help tailor strategies for HNW clients. 

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Wednesday, 12 June 2024 06:16

Partnerships Key to HNW Clientele

For financial advisors specializing in high-net-worth (HNW) and ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) clients, partnering with an experienced firm is essential. Trying to cater to both general and niche clients can dilute an advisor's effectiveness. 


Vance Barse, founder of Your Dedicated Fiduciary®, exemplifies how leveraging a seasoned partner can enhance client service. With over a decade of experience advising HNW clients, Barse emphasizes the importance of addressing both financial and family dynamics in legacy planning. 


Comprehensive analyses of clients' financial situations and legacy goals, providing independent reports without requiring asset consolidation can help draw HNW clients. This consultative approach offers tailored, sophisticated strategies while maintaining a high level of personal service.

Finsum: Technology can also bridge the gap to give advisors time to personalize their clients experience helping draw in HNW clients.

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While the looming demographic shift to millennials is upon the RIA community the question of which actions to take is something completely different. A massive generational wealth transfer is on the horizon, yet numerous firms find it challenging to transition from acknowledgment to action. 


Broadridge's "2024 Financial Advisor Marketing Trends Report" indicates that 78 percent of advisors target baby boomers due to their considerable wealth, but Cerulli Associates reveal that fewer than 20 percent of affluent investors retain their parent's financial advisors, underscoring a significant potential loss or opportunity.


To ready my firm for next-gen clients, I emphasize technology that boosts operational efficiency and client interaction. Investing in technology not only draws next-gen clients but also makes the firm more enduring and future-proof, ultimately resulting in higher valuations or a more robust business.

Finsum: Even millennials want a personal touch in their financial advice, but integrating technology will help you deliver optimally.

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Saturday, 18 May 2024 12:59

Factors To Consider Before Switching Firms

Retaining top financial advisors is crucial for building a competitive wealth business, and many advisors wonder what they should consider before switching firms while firms consider what it takes to retain key talent. Beyond recruitment, retention significantly impacts the success of wealth management firms by maintaining high-performing advisors and increasing their productivity. 


Advisors should emphasize the importance of integrated technology solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity, making it more compelling for an advisor to stay. It’s critical that your firm understands and addresses your needs through improved technology and flexible work options which can help aid you in being more productive with clients. 


The role of advanced, seamlessly integrated technology platforms is highlighted as a key factor in retaining advisors by boosting their client service capabilities and overall satisfaction.

Finsum: Advisors should consider the total package before changing firms and technology is one of the most critical ways a firm can assist your productivity. 

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Thursday, 16 May 2024 13:54

Why Managers Are Finding New Broker Dealers

Wealth managers rely on platforms such as broker/dealers and custodians, and over two-thirds have considered switching their current arrangements, though only 17.1% are actively planning to make changes by 2025 or 2026. 


More successful wealth managers are actually more likely to switch for better operational and business support. Key factors influencing platform choice include financial arrangements, operational support quality, and business development assistance, while personal relationships are less influential. 


Efficiency and negotiating favorable financial terms are critical, as is the ability to find ideal clients through referrals. Wealth managers should critically evaluate the claims of platforms, especially regarding business development support programs. Despite interest in changing platforms, inertia and other demands may prevent many from following through.

Finsum: While the relationship isn’t causal its worth pointing out that higher networth advisors are more active in thinking about their future relationships with their broker dealers.

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