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Thursday, 22 September 2022 05:14

Carson Group Announces New Model Portfolio Hub

The Carson Group recently announced several new developments during a Partner Summit, including a new model portfolio hub. The company, which was founded in 1983, is made up of three related businesses including a wealth management firm, a coaching network, and a partnership established in 2012 with approximately 120 affiliated firms. The firm’s announcements included updates and additions to its rapidly growing platform, including a lead generation program, a new investment research portal, additional alternative investment options, and a “model hub” to let advisors administer multiple accounts simultaneously. Burt White, Chief Strategy Office of Carson said this of the new model portfolio hub, “What it allows you to do is to create a model and tie multiple clients to that model. One, two, 15, or a hundred. And then every time you change the model, it goes through and does it for all 100 of those clients that are tied to the model, as opposed to today, where you have to go into every single one.” The model portfolio hub is expected to launch early next year.

Finsum:Carson Group announced several new additions to its platform, including a model portfolio hub that lets advisors administer multiple accounts simultaneously.

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CAIS recently announced that Mariner Wealth Advisors selected the firm to provide a customized alternative investment platform solution for the firm’s rapidly growing network of advisors. CAIS is a leading alternative investment platform for independent financial advisors. It provides advisors with a broad selection of alternative investment strategies, including hedge funds, private equity, and more. Mariner Wealth Advisors is a privately held advisory firm with over $60 billion in assets under advisement. CAIS will offer Mariner’s advisors access to a broad menu of alternative investment funds and products, educational resources, end-to-end digitized transaction processing, and third-party reporting integrations. Mariner’s advisors will receive access to a curated menu of diversified alternative investment products across asset classes and qualification levels. CAIS will also assist in the launch of proprietary funds and multi-manager funds managed by Mariner Wealth Advisors and enable the firm to add its own sourced third-party funds to the platform for centralized monitoring, transacting, and reporting.

Finsum:Alternative investment platform CAIS was recently selected by Mariner Wealth Advisors to provide its advisors with a broad selection of alternative investment strategies.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2022 04:39

Fidelity to Launch Private Credit Fund

Fidelity Investments is expanding its alternative offerings with a new private credit fund. According to Ignites, the company registered the Fidelity Private Credit Fund as a ‘40-Act fund structured as a perpetual-term business development company. The fund will be managed by Fidelity Diversifying Solutions, the company’s new alternative unit. The fund, which will focus on lending to smaller firms, is looking to raise between $100 million and $1 billion initially. The fund will allow investors who don’t necessarily meet the requirements needed to invest in private equity, venture capital, or hedge funds. However, it does require them to have a gross income of $70,000 per year or a net worth of $250,000. According to the fund’s prospectus, net fees for the fund will range from 4.89% for institutional shares to 5.74% for S-class shares. It will also have a performance fee of 12.5% each quarter exceeding 5% growth and 12.5% of cumulative realized capital gains from inception through each calendar year.

Finsum:Fidelity is expected to launch a new private credit fund for investors who typically don’t meet the requirements needed to invest in private equity or hedge funds.

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iCapital, a leading global fintech platform, announced today that it agreed to acquire UBS Fund Advisor LLC, UBS’s legacy proprietary US alternative investment manager. The agreement also includes the feeder fund platform that UBS manages. The platform, which is also referred to as “AlphaKeys Funds,” represents more than $7 billion in client assets. It includes private equity, hedge fund, and real estate feeder funds. iCapital will now manage and operate the platform, while UBS Financial Advisors continue to serve their high and ultra-high net worth clients that hold feeder funds. UBS became an investor in iCapital in 2017 and entered into a strategic relationship to structure new feeder funds going forward. It also integrated iCapital’s proprietary technology into its private fund operations. In 2021, the partnership was enhanced to further digitize the UBS Advisor experience. The transaction is expected to close sometime this year.

Finsum:iCapital, which has had a long-standing relationship with UBS, is acquiring its Alternative Investments Feeder Fund Platform which represents more than $7 billion in client assets.

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Thursday, 16 June 2022 07:39

Alternatives Options in 401K Plans?

Alternative assets are exploding, but when will they become available in defined contribution plans? Diversified investing is one of the first things taught to advisors, but with many asset classes becoming correlated, it becomes tough to truly diversify portfolios. Alternative assets are one solution. They have the potential to hedge volatility, increase portfolio income, and provide that diversification. Research firm Preqin is projecting that global alternatives assets will hit $23.2 trillion by 2026, up from an estimated $13.3 trillion at the end of last year. However, 401K participants can’t access these asset classes, aside from exposure in target-date funds. Some plan fiduciaries are looking to change that and are reviewing DC plan menu options. But they face a series of tailwinds such as low liquidity and high costs, not to mention concerns from the DOL. As organizations such as the Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association are exploring the issue, it’s not too far-fetched to think it may become a reality at some point.

Finsum: Defined contribution plans such as 401Ks currently only include traditional investment options, but that may change in the future as plan sponsors and organizations look for ways to add alternatives to the menu.

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