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Majority of Institutions, Wealth Managers Expected to Increase Allocations to Fixed Income

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Aeon conducted a survey of pension funds, insurance asset managers, family offices, and wealth managers. Among the findings was that a majority plan to increase their allocation to active fixed income funds over the next 2 years. Currently, about 17% of respondents have less than 10% of their portfolios in active fixed income strategies, while 20% have between 50 and 75% of their portfolio in active fixed income. Overall, respondents are willing to trade liquidity for greater returns and diversification. 


The survey also indicates that 13% of respondents plan to ‘dramatically’ increase exposure, while 81% plan to do so ‘slightly’. In terms of return expectations, 55% are looking for between 3 and 5%, while 36% are looking for between 5 and 7%. 


In terms of alternatives, there was nearly unanimous consensus that the asset class would continue to grow as 74% see a slight increase over the next 2 years, while 16% see a dramatic increase. 


Another area of agreement is that these allocators are looking for fund managers with a ‘broad mandate’ to invest in several credit markets. The respondents also shared the view that they would be increasing allocation to private credit with 24% looking to ‘dramatically’ increase, and 67% seeing a slight increase. 

Finsum: Aeon conducted a survey of institutional investors. Among the findings was a consensus agreement that allocations to active fixed income strategies would materially increase over the next 2 years. 


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