Monday, 02 May 2022 20:06

Direct Indexing Could Miss the Mark

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Direct Indexing is being heralded as the next big wave of investment products, as it gives investors the power to take advantage of tax-loss harvesting and customize it to their interests. However, the dual objectives that they propose could come to compete with each other and undermine investor interests. If investors maximize the tax-alpha they aren’t really aligned with their interests which younger investors are holding as a high priority. Riding a portfolio of all ‘greenwashers’ gives investors few options for tax purposes and deviates too far from the underlying index. The most effective solution might be for financial advisors to develop a better understanding of client interests rather than leaning on a magical new product.

Finsum: Some are calling direct indexing active management in disguise, but investors trying to capitalize on either customization or tax loss might still find it an attractive option.

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