Friday, 31 December 2021 06:44

Social Security Aren’t Enough for Medicare Premiums and Inflation

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Millions of Americans are reliant on the social security payments as they shift into retirement, and while SSA boosted the amount in checks by 5.9% it pales in comparison to the record CPI numbers. The CPI climbed at a jaw-dropping 6.8% in November, which skims a healthy amount from the bottom line. Another large factor eating at people’s retirement social security is Medicare Part B premiums and are cost-of-living reducer. Medicare Part B premiums will subtract 29% percentage points from the Social security Take home over the next 30-years. Finally, retirees should be wary that their prescriptions are covered by Medicare because otherwise, they will be a hefty retirement expense.

FINSUM: It’s outrageous that social security and other retirement accounts aren’t keeping pace with the actual costs of retirees, and needs to factor into investment decisions.

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