Thursday, 09 September 2021 19:22

Small but mighty investment team? Punch above your weight with Magnifi’s AI

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Magnifi’s Artificial intelligence is changing the way small financial advisors can interact with their client’s portfolios. They provide a wide variety of tools and services that can build a more diverse, robust, and optimized portfolio to suit your client’s needs. From the simple search features that allow investors to gauge the history of funds and stocks to more sophisticated tools like leverage selection that navigate the risk of a customized portfolio, Magnifi gives advisors options that allow them to compete with larger investment teams. Additionally, customizing portfolios is easier and quicker which allows advisors to draw in more clientele, all the while providing the personal experience a small financial team can offer. Finally, Magnifi seamlessly integrates with other leading custodians and optimizes the clients' experience. All of these features solve problems larger firms make hires to fix!

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