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Wednesday, 22 September 2021 17:37

Research Like a Big Firm, Without the Labor Costs

Large financial firms have dedicated research teams that construct portfolios. Individuals or even sub-teams dedicate to different factors, and smaller firms previously had a hard time competing. However, technology is shifting the balance, as tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence can augment current labor to boost productivity. These measures can enhance productivity without increasing one of the largest input costs in finance: labor. Magnifi’s powerful artificial intelligence can amp up your research department by providing detailed analytics, and powerful search features that navigate thousands of portfolio opportunities without the large teams. Technology is leveling the playing field and giving small firms the edge in labor output.

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Wednesday, 15 September 2021 19:26

How to Scale Client Service Without the Overhead

Artificial Intelligence is being adopted across the financial industry. In a recent poll by the World Economic Forum, executives at 151 leading financial institutions were asked questions about the prospects of AI in their business. 77% expect AI to be a critical part of their business in the next two years and 64% expect to be mass adopters. Magnifi can bring this cutting-edge technology to your financial institution. Adopters of Magnifi’s products will utilize machine learning techniques that can optimize portfolios for their clients across risk, return, themes, fees, and other factors. AI’s wide adoption is being utilized to lower high labor costs, or even better, to augment current labor for more productivity. Finally, Magnifi delivers all of this with a simple set of tools that are easy for advisors to interact with to deliver their clients the best product possible.

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Tuesday, 14 September 2021 18:43

Become an AI-powered Financial Advisor

Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing segments of technology, and while most people think of AI as a computer listening to their conversations to send them advertisements it’s growing just as rapidly in the world of finance. In 2019, AI and machine learning was a $6.67 billion dollar segment of the financial world according to a study by Mordor Intelligence. That number is expected to more than triple by 2025 as the projection is $22.6 billion. Additionally, Business Insider pins the savings to financial institutions and banks by AI at $447 billion in the next two years. Magnifi can bring these powerful tools to your advising team to put research insights, analytics, and custom solutions for your clients at your fingertips. Magnifi uses natural language intelligence that can filter thousands of investment opportunities to provide the best opportunities to your clients, and these features are as simple to use as a Google search.

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Magnifi’s Artificial intelligence is changing the way small financial advisors can interact with their client’s portfolios. They provide a wide variety of tools and services that can build a more diverse, robust, and optimized portfolio to suit your client’s needs. From the simple search features that allow investors to gauge the history of funds and stocks to more sophisticated tools like leverage selection that navigate the risk of a customized portfolio, Magnifi gives advisors options that allow them to compete with larger investment teams. Additionally, customizing portfolios is easier and quicker which allows advisors to draw in more clientele, all the while providing the personal experience a small financial team can offer. Finally, Magnifi seamlessly integrates with other leading custodians and optimizes the clients' experience. All of these features solve problems larger firms make hires to fix!

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Wednesday, 18 November 2020 07:08

How to Cut Through the Fog of Choosing Investments

(New York)

If you are like most advisors, you probably have some difficulty in identifying which funds you want for your clients. Alongside the sheer proliferation of funds has been a massive near duplication of them. Dozens of funds now seemingly look exactly the same and it is very difficult to choose one from another—even asset managers create cheaper versions of their own funds. Between these incredibly overlapped offerings and thousands of new funds, it also becomes very challenging to find niche funds that exactly fulfill the role you’d like them to in client portfolios. Well, here is the good news—a new company with a hyper-useful tool is solving the issue. Check out Magnifi, they are bringing investment selection into the 21st century. Magnifi uses patented technology focused on natural language search to seek out exactly the funds you need. No more checking endless boxes and drop-down menus, just type exactly what you want and the perfectly matched funds appear. For example, imagine you wanted ESG funds that did not include oil and gas companies. Just search “ESG no oil” and bang, you have ten perfectly matched funds, including the stocks that comprise them, their fees, and performance against one another.

Magnifi ESG no oil

Magnifi also integrates FI360’s fiduciary risk score for every fund, allowing advisors peace-of-mind on the regulatory front when choosing client investments.

FINSUM: Magnifi is nothing short of a revolution for finding and choosing investments. They bring the easy exploration and selection of e-commerce to the world of investment management. Check them out, there is a reason they are being called the “Google for investors”.

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