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How to Tax Plan for Annuities

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Annuities are a widely available and popular product, and they are heavily utilized by retirees whose main focus is income. Therefore, it would make sense that tax planning around that income would be more of a major consideration—especially because annuities have some peculiarities as it regards taxation—but in general it does not seem to be an explicit topic. One of the first things to remember is the difference between qualified and nonqualified annuities—the former being in retirement plans, the latter not. Both require mandatory withdrawals after age 72. It is critical to remember that only interest, not principal is taxable when withdrawing money from a nonqualified plan. This is a big danger zone that some retirees fall into. Two other important notes: annuity interest used to fund long-term care insurance can be used tax free; and spouses can assume ownership of an annuity in the event of the death of their spouse tax-free.

FINSUM: For advisors who readily deal in annuities, this info will be second nature. However, there are a lot of advisors who are just starting to get into annuities and this info will be quite useful.

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