Thursday, 01 February 2018 07:57

The New Advisor Tool to Replace ETFs

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(New York)

ETFs have been the dominant investing trend for the last half decade or so, eating away at mutual funds’ grip. However, what will be the next major investing trend? The answer may have just debuted. Orion Advisor Services has just announced a new product called ASTRO (Advisor Strategy & Tax Return Optimization tool). ASTRO “allows advisors to build tax-efficient SMA portfolios that can take into account clients’ environmental, societal and governmental concerns”, according to Michael Kitces, who says that the new technology is a threat to asset management and could prove highly disruptive, as it would allow better loss harvesting and more tax-sensitive liquidations in retirement. The system would allow advisors to “buy, own and manage a portfolio of all the underlying individual investments directly”.

FINSUM: This sounds like it could be a very potent offering, but we do not expect ETFs do go away any time soon.

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