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Thematic Model Portfolios Still Trending

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Fint Invest is the latest digital platform offering model portfolios tailored to retail investors, built around investment themes being developed by IronMarket Wealth. Fint Invest allows users to choose portfolios focused on climate change, disruptive technologies, or eSports, with risk levels determined by Oxford Risk’s assessment. 


Managed by IronMarket Wealth, these portfolios come with an annual fee of 1%, covering all associated costs. Co-founders of Algo-Chain and IronMarket Wealth's Wes Wilkes lead the investment committee, aiming to help the next generation invest more effectively. 


The app's portfolios, fully invested in ETFs, provide cost-effective and efficient options for thematic investing. Co-founders Curtis and AJ Pritchard, famous from Love Island and Strictly Come Dancing, are spearheading the marketing efforts to engage younger investors through educational initiatives with universities and schools.

Finsum: Celebrity pairing is interesting and could bring a new generation of investors particularly with these themes at their core. 

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