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Friday, 19 November 2021 19:44

New Model Portfolios For Income

Model portfolio provider FE Investments is launching two new products: initial income retirement portfolio and long term retirement portfolio. The initial income portfolio is designed to mitigate risk in the early stages of retirement and has a low correlation with stocks. The second portfolio aims to keep investors from running out of finances throughout retirement with more equity exposure by targeting growth over a longer horizon. Both portfolios are trying to help retirees with the decumulation of their portfolios as they begin to retire. Overall this will expand the products they can extend to their customers. FINSUM: Model portfolios are giving investors better options than ever to target the risks they want exposure to in their finances whether that's retirement risk or anti-inflation strategies.

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Wednesday, 03 November 2021 19:52

How Model Portfolios Combat Risk

2021 has posed its fair share of risks to the average portfolio: emerging market disruption, Covid-19 resurgence, slowing economic growth, and rising inflation. However, model portfolios are the solution advisors can utilize to mitigate this risk. Often sought after for their ability for advisors to utilize in order to spend time deepening relationships with clients, a suite of model portfolios have popped up targeted to mitigate risks. For example, EQM Capital launched a variety of modular model portfolios that are risk-based ETFs to better suit clients’ portfolio objectives and preferences.

FINSUM: Model portfolios are expanding and changing in a variety of ways, and this means they can better suit their clients whether that's for their risk level or ESG expansion.

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Monday, 04 October 2021 14:53

Best Models Ranked, 1-5

(New York)

Morningstar has become a leader in model coverage. The firm covers several hundred models and gives each multiple ratings. As the model world continues to grow, this is getting more and more useful. Here is our third installment of our coverage of Morningstar’s rankings, with the top 5 covered. The rankings: #5 is American Funds Growth (silver rating); #4 is American Funds Growth & Income (silver); #3 is American Funds Income; #2 is Vanguard Core (gold); and #1 is BlackRock Target Allocation ETF (gold).

FINSUM: There is a pretty low diversity of providers in the top 15, but this speaks to the expertise a handful of firms have developed in this space.

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Tuesday, 28 September 2021 20:43

The Best Model Portfolios Ranked, 6-10

In our continued coverage of Morningstar’s top model portfolios, today we are featuring those ranked 6-10. Morningstar is soon going to double the coverage of the growing model portfolio universe, which is great news for advisors having trouble deciding on which to choose. Without further delay, here are the rankings. Number 10: Vanguard S&P (Silver rating). Number 9: Vanguard Russell (Silver rating). Number 8: Vanguard CRSP (Silver rating). Number 7: American Funds Tax Aware Income (Silver rating). Number 6: American Funds Tax Aware Growth and Income (Silver rating).

FINSUM: Well the list isn’t very diverse in terms of managers, but the Russell model from Vanguard looks like an interesting way to play small caps. Additionally, given Biden’s proposals, tax aware income would be a wise strategy in which to take a holistic approach.

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Wednesday, 22 September 2021 17:39

The Top 15 Model Portfolios, 15-11 ranked

(New York)

Firstly, some good news for advisors, Morningstar has announced it is doubling its analyst coverage of models next year from a current 250. Within that coverage, advisors can also find the top 15 models according to Morningstar. Here are those ranked 15-11. Number 15: T. Rowe Price Active, number 14: Dimensional Tax-Sensitive, number 13: Dimensional Core Wealth, number 12: Fidelity Target Allocation Index-Focused, number 11: BlackRock Target Allocation Tax-Aware ETF.

FINSUM: A nice diverse group of models with a lot of different focus areas. Great start for further research.

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