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An Intriguing Business Book for 2024

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It’s not a coincidence that a regular reading habit is a common habit of the most successful business leaders. Books can provide objective information and practical insights that provide a fresh perspective and can lead to better decisions. Currently, there are plenty of intriguing titles, but one standout is How to Tell a Story by the Moth, Meg Bowles, and Catherine Burns. For advisors, effective storytelling can drive more powerful conversations and lead to better outcomes with clients, prospects, and employees. 

The Moth is a regular gathering that features people from all walks of life who share personal stories. The book gathers key lessons on how speakers can captivate and move their audience through the use of personal stories. 

Suggestions include not using any notes during the story, as this can dilute the connection between the speaker and the audience. The authors believe that stories should be memorized. Another recommendation is to explain the stakes to the audience so they understand the story’s importance and connect on an emotional level with the speaker. 

In terms of specific tactics, the opening of the story needs to be memorable and capture the audience’s attention while also hinting at the larger purpose or theme. Similarly, they recommend spending time ensuring that the story has a simple and powerful ending rather than a meandering one. 

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