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Tuesday, 18 June 2024 06:09

Best Books of the Year So Far

The pandemic kept a lot of us cooped up and changed the battleground for the future of productivity, but there has been little doubt of how it has impacted the world of literature. There has been a huge outpour of high quality books the last two years that some attribute to the isolation of that era. Here are the best books of 2024 so far:

Non Fiction: The C.I.A.

  • In his new book, Wilford examines how the United States, particularly through the C.I.A., sought to control global politics after World War II, often engaging in covert actions in newly independent states of the Global South, illustrating the paradox of anti-imperialism empowering covert U.S. influence during decolonization.

Fiction: The Ministry of Time

  • Kaliane Bradley examines a Cambodian English minder in a near-future Britain grapples with falling in love with her charge, a nineteenth-century Royal Navy commander, while uncovering the mysteries of a government program that uses time travel to retrieve people from history, exploring themes of mortality and grief.

Wild Card: The Light Eaters

  • Zoë Schlanger explores the burgeoning field of plant intelligence, detailing how plants sense, communicate, and respond to their environment, while also focusing on the scientists behind these discoveries and the transformative shifts occurring within botany.

Finsum: These books offer wonderful conversations for potential clients and can be a bridge to new ideas. 

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Wednesday, 12 June 2024 06:11

Five Most Interesting Dog Breeds

Choosing the right dog breed for your family can be challenging given the variety of unique breeds available. Known for their unique traits, several large dog breeds stand out in the U.S. 


The Komondor, with its distinctive white cords, and the shaggy, high-spirited Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen are remarkable for their appearances and histories. The Belgian Laekenois, the rarest of Belgium's native dogs, is notable for its rough coat. The Puli, an ancient Hungarian breed, is thought to be a direct ancestor of the poodle. Lastly, the giant Leonberger, affectionate and great with kids, is a mix of St. Bernards and Newfoundlands, making it a devoted but high-maintenance pet. 


Each breed brings something special to the table, helping you find the perfect match for your personality and lifestyle.

Finsum: While dogs and pets more widely are great companions, they are also great points of mutual interests with clients, and come with their own unique financial precautions such as insurance. 

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Saturday, 08 June 2024 12:08

An Intriguing Business Book for 2024

It’s not a coincidence that a regular reading habit is a common habit of the most successful business leaders. Books can provide objective information and practical insights that provide a fresh perspective and can lead to better decisions. Currently, there are plenty of intriguing titles, but one standout is How to Tell a Story by the Moth, Meg Bowles, and Catherine Burns. For advisors, effective storytelling can drive more powerful conversations and lead to better outcomes with clients, prospects, and employees. 

The Moth is a regular gathering that features people from all walks of life who share personal stories. The book gathers key lessons on how speakers can captivate and move their audience through the use of personal stories. 

Suggestions include not using any notes during the story, as this can dilute the connection between the speaker and the audience. The authors believe that stories should be memorized. Another recommendation is to explain the stakes to the audience so they understand the story’s importance and connect on an emotional level with the speaker. 

In terms of specific tactics, the opening of the story needs to be memorable and capture the audience’s attention while also hinting at the larger purpose or theme. Similarly, they recommend spending time ensuring that the story has a simple and powerful ending rather than a meandering one. 

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Summer tends to be slower on Broadway, even more so this year with some theaters being renovated and a lighter schedule for Shakespeare in the Park. However, there are some intriguing new shows that will be opening this summer.

The most highly anticipated is “Oh, Mary!” which is scheduled to open in late June at the Lyceum Theater. The play stars Cole Escola as an ahistorical, comedic Mary Todd Lincoln, who is resentful of her husband for thwarting her stage ambitions even during the Civil War. Conrad Ricamora plays Abe Lincoln. The play was highly lauded during its opening run for its humor and uniqueness. Now, it’s moving into a bigger theater with a larger production budget.

Maggie Siff of Billions and Sons of Anarchy stars in “Breaking the Story,” which is set to open on the Second Stage on June 4. Siff stars as a former war correspondent who is struggling to make the transition back to civilian life. During its preview run, the play received acclaim for its acting performances and its portrayal of internal conflict.

On a lighter note, Cats is returning to Broadway, albeit with a twist. “Cats: The Jellicle Ball” will open at the Perelman Theater on June 13 and is brought by directors Zhailon Levingston and Bill Rauch. The musical is set within the world of New York ballroom dancing and features club music and runway choreography. It will be interesting to see if this can recapture the magic of the original or come off as a tired sequel.

Finsum: This year’s summer season is especially slow on Broadway. However, there are a couple of interesting shows opening in the coming months, including “Oh! Mary” and “Breaking the Story”.

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Saturday, 25 May 2024 11:35

Wine Tasting Goes Above and Beyond in Napa

When selecting the best wineries to visit, the environment can play as crucial of a role as the wine itself. With over 400 wineries in Napa and Sonoma counties, up from just 25 in Napa during the 1970s, the region has seen a surge in tourism driven by Michelin-starred restaurants, luxurious accommodations, and unique wine experiences.


This intense competition has forced Napa Valley wineries to boost their offerings beyond standard tastings with luxurious experiences like sensory garden tours and private dining with Michelin-starred chefs. 


  1. Stags' Leap Winery, the Napa landmark that was established in 1883, helped create the iconic AVA. The 240-acre estate offers extensive tours and features an Apothecary and Sensory Garden along with a Kitchen Garden, providing a rich historical experience.


  1. Beaulieu Vineyard, renowned for its Georges de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, offers experiences celebrating its nearly 120-year history, including the Cabernet Collector tasting and the Georges de Latour Legacy Experience, all set against stunning valley views.


  1. Cakebread Cellars, family-owned since the 1970s, is a premier destination for both wine and culinary enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy farm-to-table cuisine, cooking classes, and strolls through the estate’s culinary garden, with various seated tastings and tours to choose from.

Finsum: The serene views at these Wineries provided a much-needed respite for RIAs looking for a chance to decompress.

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