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Annuities Drastically Can Shift Retirement Income

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TIAA, a provider of lifetime financial solutions, has unveiled a new gauge aimed at showcasing the potential income augmentation for recent retirees who integrate an annuity strategy into their financial plans, in contrast to solely adhering to the 4% rule. The TIAA Annuity Paycheck Advantage gives retirees an idea of how their retirement package might differ with annuities rather than the strict 4% rule. 


According to TIAA's calculations, a 67-year-old retiree in 2024 could potentially witness a 32% upsurge in their initial retirement income by designating a third of their savings to lifetime income through the TIAA Traditional annuity, coupled with a 10-year guarantee period and withdrawing 4% from the remainder. Kourtney Gibson, TIAA's chief institutional client officer, described the TIAA Annuity Paycheck Advantage as a guiding principle for new retirees, offering the promise of elevated guaranteed payouts and heightened certainty regarding retirement expenditures. 


TIAA intends to annually revise its Annuity Paycheck Advantage index to reflect the contemporary influence of lifetime income on the financial well-being of Americans.

Finsum: While the 4% rule can be a good benchmark, a slightly more complicated strategy can lead to better retirement outcomes for clients

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