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Allworth Financial’s Disciplined Approach to Model Portfolios

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Allworth Financial manages $19 billion in client assets. Recently, Allworth CIO Andy Stout shared the firm’s approach to managing model portfolios for clients. The firm has a scorecard in which it quantitatively evaluates all investable mutual funds and ETFs. It follows up by having conversations with managers of funds with high marks to see if their process is ‘repeatable’ prior to investing.


Allworth’s core portfolio is a 60/40 mix between equities and bonds, respectively. The equities side is composed of 48% US stocks and 12% international. The fixed income side is a combination of short-term fixed income funds, investment grade, total return funds, and a handful of active funds.


Allworth believes in spreading allocations between multiple asset managers. For instance in its core portfolio, they use SPDR, Vanguard, Blackrock, and JPMorgan. When it comes to fund selection, the firm looks for securities that are equipped to navigate the entire business cycle. Stout also noted that consistency is valued more since success is more about ‘avoiding strikeouts’ than hitting a home run. In terms of risks, he sees recession risk as remaining elevated and thus favors more defensive sectors and investments.   


Finsum: Allworth Financial CIO Andy Stout shared the firm’s approach to model portfolios, and what opportunities and risks he sees at the moment. 


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