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Macquaire Debuts ETFs

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Macquaire Asset Management, an Australian financial services company with $575 billion in assets and major presence as an operator in the background of the ETF market, launched its first US-listed ETFs this week. Macquaire has previously been involved with ETFs as a custodian, market marker, and advisory firm as well as providing seed capital for other funds. 


Now, it’s making a more aggressive move into ETFs in 2023. Earlier this year, it partnered with BondBloxx to serves as a subadvisor to the BondBloxx USD High Yield Bond Sector Rotation ETF (HYSA), which launched in September.  


This week, it launched 3 ETFs. The Macquaire Global Listed Infrastructure ETF (BILD) and the Macquarie Energy Transition ETF (PWER) are equity funds offering thematic exposure. It also launched a fixed income ETF - the Macquarie Tax-Free USA Short Term ETF (STAX). STAX invests in tax-exempt US bonds with maturities 1 and 5 years. 


This continues a major theme of 2023 which has been the proliferation of active ETFs. Macquaire has also indicated that it plans to launch more active ETFs in the coming years in the US and globally.

Finsum: Macquaire Asset Management is listing its first ETFs. The firm has previously been a player in the ETF space in background roles as a custodian, market marker, advisory, and seeder of funds.


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