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Downsides of Model Portfolios

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While model portfolios are gaining in popularity, there are some notable detractors such as Lifeworks Advisors CEO Ron Bullis who criticized model portfolios for not providing enough customization for clients. His comments at the WealthStack Conference were covered by Patrick Donachie for WealthManagement. 

Specifically, he believes that the risk scores used by model portfolios are not effective indicators of the actual risk faced by clients which can vary by large amounts. He believes that the industry is falling short on meeting the needs of clients especially in a world of increasingly personalized services that are immediately available. 

Due to the ubiquitousness of smartphones and finance apps, the cost and inconvenience of switching advisors has dramatically declined. This is a major change from the previous decade. And, we saw a taste of this during the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank with $42 billion in customer deposits exiting the bank in days as rumors of a collapse spread. 

Advisors need to start thinking about this new reality as competition for clients could also increase. They need to clarify and understand what is unique about the services they are providing to their clients and need to proactively take steps to grow the relationship with clients. 

Finsum: With technology comes inevitable change, financial advisors need to prepare for a world where clients are much more proactive in switching firms due to digitalization.


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