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Considerations for Financial Advisors Switching Firms

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In an article for AdvisorHub, Jeff Nash the founder and CEO of BridgeMark Strategies discussed what financial advisors need to consider when they are thinking about switching firms or shifting to a different business model. 

He recommends that advisors start with the basics which means thinking about your current level of satisfaction, the impact on your staff and clients, and the different options that are out there. First, he recommends not falling into the trap of too much analysis which is a common occurrence given the plethora of options for successful advisors. In order to avoid this, he recommends thinking about what is currently missing from your practice that you want to add, what you want to keep, and what responsibilities you don’t want to add. 

The next step is to think about what type of business model is ideal whether it’s a hybrid model, an RIA, a smaller, more regional focused firm, an independent broker dealer, or a traditional wirehouse. 

Finally, he concludes by saying that hiring a consultant who is experienced and fully knowledgeable about the space can help you make the best decision in terms of financial rewards and personal satisfaction. 

Finsum: Recruitment of financial advisors is picking up pace. Here are some things for advisors who are considering a move to think about. 


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