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How Financial Advisors Can Grow Their Client Base

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There is no magic solution when it comes to growing your client base as a financial advisor. Instead, you should adopt a variety of strategies which include understanding your strengths as a financial advisor, defining your ideal client, developing a branding strategy, and pursuing effective partnerships.  

Rebecca Lake, CEPF, wrote an article for SmartAsset on how to expand your client base. First, she counsels that advisors should not make the mistake of sacrificing quality of service in the pursuit of adding more clients. Advisors should always ensure that they are providing adequate attention and services to clients to ensure retention and loyalty.

Next, advisors should get clear and specific on their ideal target client in order to construct an effective marketing plan. They should also consider the ideal type and mix of services that would appeal to this audience. 

Another source of client growth is by leveraging your existing client base and asking for referrals. This can be highly effective as people are more willing to trust personal recommendations, but the request must be made tactfully. Finally, branding is an essential element to differentiate yourself from other financial advisors. Once you settle on your brand, keep it consistent.

Finsum: Financial advisors can grow their client base by picking a specific niche, developing a consistent brand, form partnerships with other professionals, and targeting your ideal client.

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