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Key Elements of a Great Advisor Website

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In a recent article on WealthManagement, Charles L Ratner interviewed a baby boomer couple on how they interview investment advisors. One of the many things they consider when choosing an advisor is their website. A great website can help advisors attract new clients, but a bad website can turn off prospects. The first thing they mentioned looking for is “Who they are, their credentials, and their experience.” They noted that they began to see gaps between the advisor’s credentials and experience. They also said that an advisor’s clientele was the most important thing because they wanted to know that they would be playing to the advisor’s strengths and getting their fair share of attention and service. The couple also wanted to know what the firm does and who does what. They liked websites that clearly delineate an advisor’s services for each type of client. In addition, they wanted to know how their portfolios would be personalized. Pricing was also another topic. The couple said, “We realized early on that we were gravitating to the advisors who structured their fees in a way that allowed us to pick and choose the services that are of interest to us.” Another big plus for them was the strength, soundness, and continuity of their firm. They wanted to know that they will be with a strong firm today and tomorrow.

Finsum:A baby boomer couple interviewed on WealthManagement noted the things they looked for in an advisor website such as experience and credentials, clientele, who does what at a firm, personalization, pricing, and continuity.

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