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Direct indexing ready for bigger load if not the motherlode

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While direct indexing might be ready for added use this year, according to one expert, it’s hasn’t quite hit prime time when it comes to the majority of the wealth management industry, reported

“I’m not necessarily of the view that 2023 will be the year that direct indexing becomes broadly democratized,” said Anton Honikman, CEO of MyVest. “There’s a different discussion about bringing direct indexing to a broader market. What’s hindering that is the need for more of an experience with direct indexing.”

He continued: “I’m a fan of direct indexing,” said Honikman. “I think it will continue to grow, and I think it’s emblematic of an inexorable trend towards more personalized solutions.” That said, he also noted it’s “emblematic of the real interest and desire for more tax management -- particularly among the affluent and high-net-worth investors. For those reasons, I’m really positive about its future.”

But this year, however, when it comes to wealth management, direct indexing won’t be omnipresent.  Thing is, the technology that will abet the ability of direct indexing to maximize its potential isn’t in place, he noted. The personalization of financial plans and portfolios at scale would be enabled with such technology.

Rather, this year’s game plan will see technologists and wealth management firms remain on the road toward investing in overcoming issues evolving around personalization, added Honikman.

Based on a report by Cerulli Associates, over the next five years, direct indexing’s assets are expected to spike by more than 12% annually, according to

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