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60/40 Portfolio Can Be Improved with Alternatives

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One of the big stories of 2022 was the failure of the 60/40 portfolio. The 40% allocation to bonds is supposed to help protect investors during downturns, but during markets like last year where both stock and bonds fell, the portfolio failed. Now, strategists are looking for ways to improve the 60/40 portfolio. In a recent panel discussion at the New York Stock Exchange, industry experts spoke about “The Rise of Alternatives and the New 60/40 Portfolio.” Asset management professionals and advisers talked about methods to diversify and target new sources of income for retirement savers. Kimberly Ann Flynn, the managing director of XA Investments, said “An available alternative is a mutual fund wrap with added investments such as managed futures and commodity futures, which exist in the category of liquid alternatives.” She added, “I think with now this big push again looking at 60/40, it’s just diversification away from U.S. equity. I think some of these liquid alternatives are going to see a resurgence. In terms of performance, long-short equity performed well, on a relative basis and absolute basis. Some of the managed futures strategies performed really well.” Brian Chiappinelli, a Managing Director at Cambridge Associates, said that another alternative gaining momentum is the collective investment trust (CIT). He stated that “CITs have more leeway to add alternatives that are customized to a particular employee demographic.”

Finsum: After the blood bath in 2022, asset managers and advisors are looking for new ways to improve the 60/40 portfolio, including adding alternatives such as managed futures, commodity futures, or utilizing a CIT.


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