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5 Stocks for the Changing Economy

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Technology, trade wars, and social attitudes are changing the world and economy rapidly. How can investors adapt their strategies to keep up and “future proof” their portfolios? Well, Barron’s has run a piece doing just that. The stocks chosen include: Bridgestone, BNP Paribas, Lix, Dabur India, and Bharti Infratel. Bridgestone, a Japanese tire company, seems as though it would be hurt by tariffs and the rise of Uber. However, the opposite is the case, as most tires are made close to where they are sold (so no tariffs), and the rise of Uber and self-driving cars will actually increase the most important performance metric for tire companies: miles driven.

FINSUM: We wrote an article espousing tire makers a few months ago but we like the view even better now. No matter who, or what, is driving a car, rubber will still meet road, meaning tires will be in demand. Further, since parking for self-driving cars may be expensive, we can imagine fleet operators keep them driving around 24/7, increasing demand for rubber.

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