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Tuesday, 10 September 2019 12:35

The Best Mutual Funds Might Not Be from Vanguard

(New York)

Vanguard is a pretty tough firm to beat in the mutual fund space. Their sterling reputation is hard to top, and no one seems to outdo them in the asset class. However, there may be a viable competitor: boutique manager Dodge & Cox. In fact, the fund manager just got ranked first out of 150 mutual fund companies by Morningstar. The rankings are based “on a variety of factors, including analyst fund ratings, expense ratios, and corporate stewardship”. Perhaps most importantly for investors, almost all Dodge & Cox mutual funds beat their category averages over the last decade.

FINSUM: Dodge & Cox has outperformed Vanguard in many ways, though obviously Vanguard can offer lower costs than anyone else. In many cases, though, performance has been good enough to more than account for the difference in fees.

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Thursday, 22 August 2019 12:03

Check Out Vanguard’s Re-Opened Dividend Funds

(New York)

Vanguard made some headlines earlier this month when it re-opened one of its long closed-to-new-investors dividend funds (VDIGX). However, it was not the only fund to reopen, as a whole suite of Vanguard dividend funds are once again available. The funds come in two flavors, active or passive. VDIGX is actively managed and has the best one-year return, but it is almost the most expensive. Check out the firm’s VIG fund (Dividend Appreciation), which has a 11% one-year return and charges only 6 basis points.

FINSUM: This whole suite of funds has a good track record and some have characteristically low fees.

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Friday, 02 August 2019 10:36

Vanguard is Reopening its Dividend Fund

(New York)

The $36.6 bn Vanguard Dividend Growth fund (VDIGX) is finally reopening its doors to new investors. The fund has been closed to new investors for 3 years, but the manager says “After careful analysis of the fund’s current cash flows, we’re confident that there is ample capacity to reopen the fund”. The fund’s five-year annual return is 12.1%, besting the Russell 1000 by 1%. The fund’s average stock holding has a market cap of $110.6 bn, and its top five holdings are McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, American Tower, Medtronic, and Microsoft.

FINSUM: Vanguard funds are enormously popular for a reason, and this is an exceptionally well-performing fund that is finally reopening. Seems like a good buy.

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Wednesday, 24 July 2019 10:59

Big Worries in Munis

(New York)

The muni market seems healthy. Other than the cases where budgets are exploding, the market as a whole has characteristically low yields and looks stable, especially because of excess investor demand from the recent tax changes. However, there are structural concerns about the market. Nuveen and Vanguard have come to dominate the market through their funds, sucking up to two-thirds of all the Dollars flowing into the market in the last decade. This is because investors have been increasingly buying muni funds, not individual securities. However, according to UBS, this is a big risk. “When everyone runs for the exit at the same time…no one wants to be the buyer of last resort … The concentration in large municipal asset managers will have ramifications during volatile times in that it will make the swings greater one way or another”.

FINSUM: Everyone has been warning about big runs on fixed income funds in a market downturn, but evidence of such has yet to materialize.

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(New York)

Vanguard funds have been performing well for years. That performance, mixed with ultra low costs is the reason they have thrived over the last decade and now contend for being the largest asset manager. However, there is a little known reason they have done so well—they employ a patented system for minimizing taxes in mutual funds. Vanguard uses a trading technique employing “heartbeat” trades which move stocks between ETFs and mutual funds in such a way that completely eliminates the taxability of their capital gains. Vanguard employs the strategy on 14 funds, and those have reported a combined $191 bn in gains while reporting zero to the IRS. Vanguard says the technique is entirely legal and has a patent on it through 2023.

FINSUM: This is an excellent competitive advantage and we thought advisors would like the view under the hood as to why Vanguard is thriving as one of the very best fund providers.

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