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Wednesday, 22 September 2021 17:39

The Top 15 Model Portfolios, 15-11 ranked

(New York)

Firstly, some good news for advisors, Morningstar has announced it is doubling its analyst coverage of models next year from a current 250. Within that coverage, advisors can also find the top 15 models according to Morningstar. Here are those ranked 15-11. Number 15: T. Rowe Price Active, number 14: Dimensional Tax-Sensitive, number 13: Dimensional Core Wealth, number 12: Fidelity Target Allocation Index-Focused, number 11: BlackRock Target Allocation Tax-Aware ETF.

FINSUM: A nice diverse group of models with a lot of different focus areas. Great start for further research.

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Wednesday, 25 August 2021 19:34

Here are Morningstar’s Top Model Portfolios

(New York)

Morningstar has added a lot of coverage to their model portfolio universe this year. Earlier in 2021 they expanded their coverage of ratings to 1500 model portfolios, an increase of 50%. Of all those funds reported on, only two of them took home their coveted gold rating: the Vanguard CORE series and the BlackRock Target Allocation ETF. Vanguard was noted as having highly diversified index funds and rarely making portfolio changes. Other funds that got acclaim, such as their silver rating, include American Funds Growth & Income and the American Funds Tax Aware Growth & Income series.

FINSUM: The world of model portfolios has grown nearly as dizzying as that of ETFs so these Morningstar guides are a big help.

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(New York)

The model portfolio world has grown highly confusing over the last few years. The explosion in popularity of models has led to thousands on the market, making it very hard to sort one from another. Luckily, Morningstar has launched a new product to help do just that. Morningstar’s new ratings are on a one to five scale (like their mutual fund ratings) and they have increased coverage recently from 76 models to 139. They are also now covering not just SMA models, but theoretical ones. Morningstar gave only 2 out of 1,500 models its top “gold” rating, and one of the pair was Vanguard’s CORE portfolio. According to Morningstar, CORE has “an extremely appealing price tag along with top notch, highly diversified underlying index funds”.

FINSUM: This rating system will be a great resource for advisors, especially as coverage continues to increase. These scores will be useful not just for investment selection, but also for highlighting their utility and legitimacy to clients.

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Tuesday, 23 March 2021 17:55

The Best Model Portfolios Right Now

(New York)

Model portfolios provided by third parties have become increasingly popular for advisors, but separating the best from the rest is no easy feat. To help out advisors, Morningstar now has rankings and guides (see them here). Here are five of the top picks from Morningstar: BlackRock Target Allocation ETF, Vanguard CORE, American Funds Growth & Income, American Funds Tax Aware Growth & Income, BlackRock Multi-Asset Income. Other interesting options include the State Street Strategic Asset Allocation and T.Rowe Price Active.

FINSUM: The world of model portfolios has been proliferating enough that scoring and guidance is very useful (just think how hard ETF selection would be without screeners!).

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Monday, 23 December 2019 09:40

Vanguard Makes Big Warning on Stocks

(New York)

Calm and collected asset manager Vanguard has just made an eye-opening call about 2020. The firm’s chief economist and investment strategy chief, Joseph Davis, says there is a 50-50 chance of a correction in 2020. The market hasn’t seen a correction since December 2018, when it dropped to within a hair of a bear market. Davis says he usually sees about a 30% chance for a correction in any given year. Vanguard says that while investors were too pessimistic about recession chances this year, next year they’ll be too optimistic about re-inflation.

FINSUM: Seems a reasonable call, if rather safe.

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