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Tuesday, 30 January 2018 10:40

The Tide is Turning Against Vanguard

(New York)

Vanguard has been leading the race to the bottom in fund fees for years. It has also been immensely successful doing so. Until now, most fund providers had only fought back by cutting their own fees, but now they are getting more defensive. For instance, Fidelity, which is the largest 401(k) manager, will now charge clients an extra 0.05% fee for all funds invested in Vanguard products. Fidelity says that “A small number of fund families have not compensated Fidelity for certain services, and this pricing change is designed to address that disparity with the intention of providing fairness across all of our business relationships … This is about leveling the playing field”.

FINSUM: This is a good way to push back against Vanguard, but considering it is retaliatory, the fee does seem quite minor!

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Wednesday, 24 January 2018 11:35

Vanguard’s Big Warning for Advisors

(New York)

Speaking at a large ETF conference yesterday, the head of Vanguard has a big warning for all advisors. He said that the industry needs to change rapidly or face a huge loss of jobs. Citing evidence that almost 60% of advisor jobs may be lost to automation. He argues that portfolio construction and rebalancing are now super cheap commodities and that advisors should instead focus more on managing client behaviour, which will be a continued niche.

FINSUM: This was a pretty grave warning for advisors. We are not sure the outlook is so bleak.

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Tuesday, 02 January 2018 10:16

The Four Best Bond Funds for 2018

(New York)

With stocks riding so high and anxiety building about a potential downturn, espousing and building a robust bond strategy is going to be more important than ever. With that in mind Barron’s has put out four bond funds picks for 2018. The picks are the Vanguard Tax-Exempt Bond Index, the Artisan High Income fund, the Prudential Short Duration Muni High Income, and the Dodge & Cox Global Bond.

FINSUM: The Vanguard fund really caught our eye. It has an expense ratio of 0.19% versus an average of 0.8% for its peers, and has more than $190 bn under management, with a lot of expertise managing it.

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