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Adieu to 2022?

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Um, fixed income investors seemingly were more than glad to host the going away party, according to JP

That’s especially in the aftermath of one of the worse years on records for bonds. The culprit? Yep; the Fed, and its hyper active barrage of rate hikes. And, yes again, the last of it should spell stability this year to the bond market. That said, investor should bear in mind:

How far will the Fed go before concluding its rate hiking campaign?

How might credit perform in a year where both economic and profit growth are set to slow?

How will impaired liquidity impact price action?

Now, on one hand, of course, with volatility comes risk. But it also can be the land of opportunity, according to Consequently, investors shouldn’t duck and dodge fixed income like a bill collector but embrace the possible upside by going eye to eye and confronting volatility.  

“In this unusual environment, we believe investors may want to move out of a passive mindset and consider investments beyond ‘plain vanilla’ bonds. By being creative, being active, and diversifying globally, investors can find fixed income solutions that may set up portfolios for the longer term with attractive return potential.”

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