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Investors are shucking aside overpriced, actively managed funds and sinking money instead in less expense index ETFs, said Dave Nadig, financial futurist at research and consulting firm Vetta Fi., according to thinkadvisor.com.


Strong inflows have culminated from ETFs highlighted by dividend strategies, munis and high yield bonds, he continued.


Among most active investors, ETFs have emerged as the go to vehicle, Nadig continued. On top of that, for most investors, they’ve evolving into the default choice.


This year – in the eye of the worst worse financial markets in decades – the country’s $6.6 trillion ETF generated $375 billion in net inflows. And it’s been share and share alike as the wealth is spreading across the board. For example, positive inflows into equities, currencies and alternatives has reached into the billions of dollars, the site reported Nadig pointing out. 


“It’s been one of the circumstances where the entire ETF universe has caught a bid,” Nadig said.


A Fitch Ratings reports shows the likelihood that U.S. investors will continue to rachet up their fixed income exchange traded fund holdings, according to pioline.com.


On the heels of new guidelines kicking in in the Big Apple last December, Fitch indicated its rated 10 such ETFs. Doing so has helped ease the way for investors to maintain shares of them.

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Monday, 05 September 2022 12:04

Factor in ETF investing

You might say this is why major ETF firms are bringing home the bacon: factor investing, which an increasing number of ETFs are tapping into, according to fa-mag.com.


These days, the likes of Invesco State Street and Global Advisors dispense a wave of factor ETF choices.


ETFs associated with, for example, value, low beta and momentum, are more investments tactics that dispense clients with a chance to overweight areas of the market that are performing the best while paring down exposure to those that are missing the boat.


Factor investing aside, you might say inexpensive ETFs are, well, the cat’s meow as they draw blossoming attention, according to finance.yahoo.com. The article originally appeared on ETFTrends.com.


Faced with opting for a pair of exchange traded funds that monitor themes or markets that are alike, cheaper options, more and more, are in the sights of long term investors. 


As it has been, the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY) remains highly popular still is an investment option with wide exposure to the U.S. equity markets. That said, reported Bloomberg, SPY, year to date, has incurred around $25 billion in outflows.


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Like easy? Launched earlier in the month, sole and institutional investors will experience an easier process to trade the most current benchmark U.S. Treasuries thanks to a new series of exchanged traded funds, according to reuters.com. It sheds on the maturing ETFs within the fixed income terrain.

While treasuries, of course, are among the bevy of the world’s most liquid securities, particularly for investors who need to frequently roll them over to sustain the maturity, trading them can be plodding.

"This gives (investors) a tool to say, we really want to focus on how we execute our investment strategy, as opposed to how effectively we trade Treasury bonds," said F/m President Alex Morris.


The new ETFs, which will eventually include more maturities, as well as options, will make it easier for people managing bond portfolios in a precise way, said Dave Nadig, director of research at ETF Flows.

"I put this in the category of sharp tools in the drawer," he said. "For most investors, I don't think it's relevant. For investors that need this product, it's a godsend."


Meantime, it’s largely been coming up roses for fixed income ETFs. Their ranks have swelled, piquing the interest of fresh investors, according to thestreet.com.


And talk about a high ceiling. Last month, the ETF industry hit a worldwide high of $862 billion in assets under management, shattering records. As of July 31 in this country, 706 ETFs from 22 providers drew $582 billion.



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Wednesday, 31 August 2022 03:52

ESGs capture public eye

No, it seems the investment industry isn’t singularly focused on, well, the old bank account. Turns out that over the past few years, environmental, social, and governance or ESGs infiltrated and lassoed the conscious of the country – including the investment landscape, according to loma.org.

Of the $51.4 trillion assets professionally managed in the U.S. as 2019 wound down, $17.1 trillion represented sustainable investing assets, estimated The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible investment.  

ESG 1.0 was marked by a top down approach to the implementation of ESG policies, according to forbes.com. Those policies don’t include a method by which to quantifiably gauge their effect. Those companies boasting a desire to satisfy consumer interests or taking a run at reversing public perception could forward their initiatives stemming from ESG with few methods available through which to fact check. 

Investors see that one of the foremost challenges of the decade encompasses resolving the climate crisis, the site continued. From 2020 to 2021, the ESG experienced a doubling in funds – a trend expected to extend into the future.  ESG assets will tip $30 trillion by 203, according to predictions in a report from Broadridge Financial Solutions.

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Direct indexing will now become available to teens and young adults after the gig economy platform PettyGigs and financial API Atomic announced a partnership. PettyGigs is a two-sided platform that connects young adults with local businesses and busy professionals. Teens can perform small tasks to earn money in their free time. Atomic provides fintech companies the ability to integrate wealth management and trading into their products. This includes capabilities such as conscious investing, direct indexing, and tax-loss harvesting. Through the new partnership, users of PettyGigs, also known as "Giggers," can allocate their earnings from each Gig into a fully diversified curated portfolio with benefits including direct indexing, tax-loss harvesting, and ESG investing. The portfolio has no account minimums. The partnership will also introduce socially responsible investing to young investors.

Finsum:A recently announced partnership between Atomic and PettyGigs makes direct indexing and ESG investing available to teens and young adults.

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