Wednesday, 10 July 2024 05:20

SMAs Getting a Boost Due to Technology

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A recent Goldman Sachs survey reveals that investors are enthusiastic about separately managed accounts (SMAs). Financial advisors appreciate SMAs for their professional management, customization, transparency, tax efficiency, and diversification benefits. 


Chris Mankoff of JTL Wealth Partners finds SMAs advantageous for aligning with clients' preferences and optimizing tax strategies. While there have been challenges in the past with SMAs but the recent technological advancements have made them more accessible and effective. 


Direct indexing, a step beyond SMAs, leverages technology for customized tax management and ESG preferences. Despite their benefits, SMAs may not be suitable for all clients, particularly those with smaller portfolios or predominantly pretax investments.

Finsum: While SMAs might not be for all, with a sizeable portfolio technology makes them easier for advisors to manage. 

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