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That’s right: model portfolios seem to be one of cool kids

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It seems model portfolios are one of the cool kids on the block with more financial advisors groovin’ to ‘em, according to research from Cerulli Associates, reported

Thirteen percent of advisors outsource and expand their businesses primarily to model portfolios suggested by no less than broker-dealers, advisory turnkey asset management programs, asset managers or third-party strategists. Modifications? Nada, according to Cerulli’s most recent “Cerulli Edge – U.S. Advisor Edition” report.

And, as they say, there’s always room for more, 26% of advisors turn to similar third party resources, according to Cerulli. Ah, but they do throw in modifications to the portfolio to, you know, accommodate the needs of preferences of the clients.

Fair enough, huh?

And there’s this: model portfolios could be peeking even further around the corner.

In fact, the industry’s segue to a financial planning oriented service model’s expected to be a major force toward the adoption of model portfolios, expects Cerulli, reported

What’s more, chew on this: Cerulli indicated that advisor groups that whip up individually tailored portfolios – or practice level custom models could put a major dent in the time they divvy by opting for model portfolios.


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