Wednesday, 21 August 2019 13:05

Trump’s Tax Cut Would Work Well Right Now

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President Trump threw out an idea for a tax cut this week, then immediately backtracked by calling it unnecessary. The idea, however, appears sound. Trump proposed a payroll tax cut that would primarily help middle and lower class workers (in addition to a capital gains tax cut via indexing to inflation). That would make a lot of sense right now, as it would increase the spending power of the masses, increasing consumption and inflation, and lowering un-utilized manufacturing capacity.

FINSUM: We really like this idea of a payroll tax cut because it would help reverse some of the adverse affects of the wealth inequality that has built up since the Crisis. The more capital is concentrated in a small pool the less of it gets spent (i.e. a single person can only spend so much), which slows the economy. If you increase the spending power of the majority of Americans a lot more will get spent, boosting the economy.

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