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Monday, 06 July 2020 14:48

Stocks Surge on Chinese Announcement

(New York)

Markets were up big today on news out of China. The day started with Chinese stocks surging on news from the government—Chinese state media told its people that they should load up on stocks. This sent hopes for a recovery soaring around the global and markets rose strongly. Beyond the state’s endorsement, the Chinese economy does seem to be dong well. “In recent weeks the data has looked very positive from China. Its economy is back in motion, and that should lift global equities a bit”, summarized Principal Global Investors chief strategist, Seema Shah.

FINSUM: The state media announcement seems a bit hollow, but since real economic data in China appears to be improving, the overall direction looks positive.

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(New York)

The long sought V-shaped recovery has been like a white elephant for investors. It has been hoped for since March when the economy started to shrink, but in the last couple months, most let go of the hope as the depth of the downturn became clear. However, given recent economic data, there are growing odds that the economy might vault out of its recession like a rocket ship. Morgan Stanley says it won’t be long until investors completely buy into that narrative. MS thinks in the next six months investors will go from “doubting to believing” in the v-shaped recovery, and that by the end of the year risk assets will be in a “mid-stage bull market mind-set”.

FINSUM: This is highly speculative, but it is a clear un-muddled position. We suspect the recovery is going to be slower than v-shaped, so our expectations are not nearly so bullish.

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Monday, 22 June 2020 12:48

The 100 Stocks Thriving During COVID

(New York)

It might be obvious if you are paying close attention to the stock market, but today we are covering a list of the top performing stock/companies during COVID. Most of the names are what you would expect, but there are a few surprises. No one would be surprised to see Amazon and Microsoft atop the list, with Tesla, Facebook, and Alphabet all in the top ten, but how about PayPal and Shopify (numbers 9 and 15 respectively). Zoom is also in the top 15, but Audi and Home Depot are also in the top 25. Salesforce is number 33.

FINSUM: Certain companies have boomed under COVID for a variety of reasons, and looking at a consolidated list is a great way to get a perspective on what is performing well.

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Monday, 18 May 2020 16:38

Fed Warns on Recovery Speed


Fed chief Powell made an interesting warning today. Powell said it will probably take a vaccine to get the economy into a full recovery. “For the economy to fully recover, people will have to be fully confident. And that may have to await the arrival of a vaccine … it may take a while . . . it could stretch through the end of next year, we really don’t know”, he said. Despite the hesitancy, the Fed has been very supportive in its statements of the support it will provide, saying the central bank could do a much more to help the recovery if needed.

FINSUM: This statement is really helping markets today, as combined with good news on a promising new treatment and the lack of a second wave forming (yet), things are looking up.

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Monday, 11 May 2020 14:14

This Bear Market Rally Seems Doomed

(New York)

Anybody who has paid even scant attention to the market over the last eight weeks has been shocked by what it has done. After dropping 35% from peak, the market has rallied back by almost as many percent over the course of the last 5 weeks. Now, Societe Generale says the comeback is just too fast and defies all previous bear market recoveries. Rebounds from bear market lows tend to be long slogs, with gyrations upward and downward as the market moves slowly higher. This recovery has been a lightning bolt as the market almost sprints higher. However, UBS argues that this recovery could be different, saying “This is a policy-induced downturn, and the speed and structure of the recovery could follow a different route from previous downturns”.

FINSUM: The thing that is really keeping this recovery afloat is the extraordinary monetary and fiscal stimulus that has been injected into the economy. That said, it is likely going to take a LONG time to get back to where we were on February 15th 2020, so a plateau or fall in markets does not seem unlikely.

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