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Friday, 16 April 2021 17:28

Three Energy Stocks with Great Dividends

(New York)

It is no secret that oil and gas stocks have great dividends. What makes the sector special right now is that the sector is also looking like a good investment for capital appreciation because of the rise of the “commodities super cycle”. With all that in mind, check out these three names for good income: Marathon Petroleum (MPC) or its MLP, MLPX, Energy Transfer (ET), and Antero Resources (AR). All three opportunities currently offer double digit yields.

FINSUM: Oil is definitely in recovery mode, so the combination of value and income is compelling.

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Thursday, 01 April 2021 17:49

Small Cap Value Stocks Are on Sale

(New York)

Most investors had their eyes on growth, particularly in the rebound of the pandemic, but things are starting to look good for value stocks. Investors at Columbia Threadneedle Investments said that stimulus from the Fed and Government put investors' value metrics on pause, but as the economy continues to normalize and rates rise, value stocks will be the beneficiaries. Companies like Citizens Financial Group Inc., United Community Banks Inc., and Sunstone Hotel Investor Inc. are all small-cap value companies that Tugman of Columbia Thread Needle finds attractive. P/E ratios are better for small and mid-cap value stocks, and are trading at heavy discounts compared to the broad S&P.

FINSUM: As life returns to normal stocks might do the same, which would be a return of value investing and attractive price-to-earnings ratios.

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(New York)

Vertex Pharmaceuticals was a shining star amongst the already bright biotech industry. In the nearly decade-long stretch…See the full story on our partner Magnifi’s site

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This week was a big one for infrastructure stocks. After years of discussion, Biden took action and put forth an eye-opening $3 tn package (in two parts) for American infrastructure. The package would focus on infrastructure, education, work force development, and fighting climate change. The aim is to make the economy more productive. However, for the stock market, one of the immediate benefits is how such government dollars would affect infrastructure stocks. Most specifically, look at the following sectors: machines, construction, and materials stocks.

FINSUM: $3 tn is a great deal of money, and a lot of it will likely flow into the private sector to fulfil these mandates. Time to dig in and pick winners. We will continue coverage on this in the coming week.

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Tuesday, 16 March 2021 18:43

Big Trouble Looms in the Nasdaq

(New York)

The Nasdaq is behaving very oddly and it should give investors pause. It is very rare for the Nasdaq and the Dow to be this out of sync. A couple days ago the Nasdaq outperformed the DJIA by 3.5%+, something it had not done in 20 years. Some take this as a sign of bullishness, but in reality, historical precedents say that when the Dow and Nasdaq are out of sync it is bad news. In fact, the only other time the two indices were this out of sync was the dotcom bubble.

FINSUM: The bottom line here is that major Nasdaq volatility in excess of Dow moves are not good. That means days like last Friday should be feared rather than celebrated. Stay vigilant.

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