Wednesday, 21 November 2018 12:33

The Stock Market is Much Worse Than You Think

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(New York)

The stock market has had an undeniably rough quarter. We are currently in the midst of the second big rout in the last two months and indices and markets are essentially flat for the year. However, things are actually much worse than flat if you dig slightly deeper. Get this—forward looking P/E ratios are down a whopping 17% this year. In fact, the fall recently has been one of the worst in decades on a valuation basis. In 2008, valuations only slid 18%, just one percentage point more than this year. It is the third biggest drop in valuations since 1991.

FINSUM: This is a very ominous sign in our opinion, as shares have plunged even as stellar earnings have come out. Classic case of buy the rumor (2017), sell the news (2018).

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