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How US Real Estate Will Be Upended

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The US real estate market looks set to change in a big way. Brokers and developers are sensing it, and consumers are making it happen. The change is in the geography of the market. The new SALT limits in the updated tax code mean that wealthy residents of higher tax states like New York, New Jersey, and California, now face much higher tax liabilities. As a response, many of them are seeking to buy homes and domicile themselves in tax-free states like Florida, Texas, or Nevada. One real estate developer in Nevada explains the situation, saying “If you’re a wealthy tech executive from the Bay Area who can live wherever you want and you have a $3 million income, you would have $399,000 a year in savings here. That’s a lot of money to spend on real estate”.

FINSUM: We think this trend will be both long-term and very bullish for markets like south Florida and other sizable metropolitan areas in low tax states . The high tax states might face a reckoning, especially those without a major metropolitan area to suck in residents (e.g. Oregon).

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