Thursday, 31 May 2018 08:42

A Global Real Estate Crisis Is Brewing

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(New York)

If we were to tell you that median sales price per square foot was down 18% from a year ago in New York City, would that make you worry about the real estate market? Well, that is exactly what has happened, all alongside sales volume hitting its lowest level in six years in the Big Apple. The developments have brokers and real estate developers worried there, but perhaps the whole country should be paying attention. New York has experienced a great deal of new apartment inventory over the last few years as developers have pushed through many new projects, all of which seems to have conspired to oversupply the market.

FINSUM: The boom in real estate since the Crisis was always urban-driven, and so the downfall may be an urban-led one too. New York’s real estate woes are not unique, so we would not be shocked to see prime urban property fall in value across the country, especially with mortgage rates on the rise.

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