Monday, 14 January 2019 10:00

Goldman Says Where You Should Invest Now

(New York)

2019 is often to an uneven start. We have had some good days and some bad ones, but the market has surely not found solid footing or a narrative to drive it. With that in mind, the question of allocation becomes eve more complicated than it was a few months ago. Goldman Sachs has just put out its recommendations and argues that investors should put money back in shares, as they are due for a big rebound. Historically, shares generally bounce back after falling 20% in a quarter, and Goldman thinks there are big returns to be made. Companies seeing margin expansion might be particularly favorable.

FINSUM: The S&P 500 has already advanced almost 10% since Christmas eve, but we are not sold the current tread is upward.

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Monday, 07 January 2019 08:34

Goldman is Upbeat on These Tech Stocks

(San Francisco)

What should investors do about tech stocks? That is a big question. After an extraordinary run over the last couple of years, things have a hit a real rough patch. Worries about regulation loom. With that said, Goldman Sachs is optimistic on some large and midsize tech stocks. One of its high conviction picks is Netflix, which is down around 30% recently. Goldman is steadfastly a believer, however, saying “We believe Netflix represents one of the best risk/reward propositions in the Internet sector”. Other names to look at from Goldman include Expedia and Etsy.

FINSUM: What we like about these three names is that they seem the least likely to be impacted by any new privacy regulations.

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Wednesday, 19 December 2018 15:21

Goldman is Going Long Stocks in 2019

(New York)

Goldman Sachs has been sending some seriously mixed messages on stocks. Just a few days ago they published a bearish outlook for 2019. Now the bank’s investment management arm is taking the opposite stance, saying that equities are the place to be. Goldman thinks global growth will continue nicely in 2019, giving support to stocks. It does, however, favor emerging markets over developed equities. The bank still thinks US stocks look attractive after the recent selloff, however.

FINSUM: To be honest it annoys us when one institution puts out some many competing views, but then again, each of the divisions has its own interests. We are not as bullish on stocks as Goldman money management arm.

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(New York)

Goldman Sachs is sending a big warning to the market, but in its own way, of course. The bank’s strategy team has just published a new note telling investors to get “defensive” given the high uncertainty surrounding the market next year. The bank is uncertain about the direction of the stocks, but is leaning towards them either rising or gaining significantly, with a middle ground seeming less likely than usual. Institutional investors are worried that a recession will arrive in 2020, and historically speaking, the market usually falls by more than 10% in the year preceding such a downturn.

FINSUM: That last point raises the interesting question of whether the recession will arrive in 2019 and this is the 10%+ downturn preceding it. That would actually be better than Goldman’s take.

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(New York)

Banks are usually the last ones to forecast a recession. Saying things are heading south is usually not good for business. However, despite this a slew of major banks, including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and BofA, are all saying that the risks of a recession in 2019 are rising. While they are still loath to say a recession will happen next year, JP Morgan just increased the odds considerably, saying there is a 35% chance. In March they said it was just 16%. Jobs data has just started to weaken, which is a warning sing, and the yield curve has begun to invert, another indicator of trouble ahead.

FINSUM: We know a recession is on the way, but the timing is the tough part. Our best bet is towards the end of 2019 or Q1 2020.

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