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Thursday, 27 July 2023 03:33

Brand spanking new

Imagine trying to initiate an exercise regimen. At first, at least, it can seem a little daunting, huh?

Well, now, say you’re in practice management and thinking about developing a brand, starting with a blank slate. Whoa; you might feel as if you’ve bitten off more than you can…well, you get it.

So, three cheers for the helping hand. The checklist, according to lpl.com, can include choosing a name to coming up with a professional logo. These decisions have long term ramifications, so the pressure can be on.

With that in mind, a few pointers:

  • Define your value proposition
  • Pick your DBA name
  • Develop a logo
  • Develop a Website
  • Execute with Consistency

Think about it: It’s a reality in today’s world: you’re a brand – and it’s incumbent upon you to not only develop yours, but market it, and get comfortable while you’re at it, according to hbr.org.


After all, personal branding’s an intentional, strategic practice. You’re defining yourself and putting your value proposition out there.

You can benefit in a host of ways from a potent, well managed personal brand. It bucks up your visibility can help advance your network and reel in newbies.

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Thursday, 01 June 2023 13:50

Forward march

A little forward thinking, anyone? Surely, now, there must be some…

Either way, as reported in a Global Market Insights Inc research study, by 2032, it’s anticipated the alternative financing market valuation will surge past $40 billion, according to globenewswire.com.

The trigger? The financial industry’s been revolutionized by grease lighting strides in tech – especially fintech. Borrowers and investors have been in the position to link up directly, with no use of intermediaries. You can attribute that to alternative financing platforms taking advantage of technology to dispense services that are efficient and user friendly.

Furthermore, from anywhere – and at any time -- borrowers and investors can take part in alternative financing transactions fueled by the popularity of online platforms and mobile apps, according to hk.finance.yahoo.com.

Industry trends also are being cultivated by regulatory frameworks set by governments and financial authorities.

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Sunday, 23 April 2023 06:09

Banking on volatility

With the waters of volatility in the banking sector taking five – or, perhaps, 10 – the market’s turning its sights to some incomplete biz: disinflation, according to swissre.com.

Due to “decisive government and central bank actions,” what might have ballooned into a systemic financial sector crises – on both sides of the Atlantic, at that -- which would have put a damper on merging markets, was sidestepped. But stemming from stubborn core inflation pressures and tight labor markets within advanced economies, in May, the Fed and European Central Bank’s expected to hike policy rates.

Meantime, call it a game of adjustments.

In the first quarter, Gateway, which is focused on low-volatility equity investments, made adjustments in its portfolio, according to barrons.com.

The low down: it wielded the scissors, shoring its stake Apple stock and putting the old slash on its General Electric investment. At the same time, it purchased Altria Group stock (MO). The stock trades – as well as others -- were disclosed by Gateway in a form it filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Check your bank statement. Chances are – and this is just a hunch, mind you – it probably doesn’t total anywhere near oh, say, $10.82 billion. Double check it, in fact.

Point is: that’s the total which the global alternative market financing market came in at, according to grandviewresearch.com. Not only that, from 2023 to 2030, it’s expected to catapult at a compound annual growth rate of 20.2%. Fueling the industry’s been the need to access capital for small businesses and individuals. Given the stringent requirements among traditional banking institutions, it was that much tougher for many to secure loans. Enter alternative finance products. Especially among those who might fall short of meeting the rigid requirements of traditional banks, there’s a greater accessibility to capital through alternative finance products.

While yields have returned, in light of inflation and policy uncertainty, bonds just might have to apply a little elbow grease to deliver the degree of diversification they at one time dispensed, according to blackrock.com.

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Saturday, 19 November 2022 04:30

Back to the future?

Someone say crystal ball?

Well, might not be a bad idea, given that, this year, according to projections from the Global “Real Estate Market" Report, the ballooning of the real estate market’s expected to hit multimillion dollars by 2029, reported marketwatch.com.

Revenue wise, the Real Estate Market will register a “magnificent” spike in CAGR over the next seven years according to the report, a detailed, comprehensive analysis for global Door and Real Estate market. Against the backdrop of a perpetually changing market, the report delves into the competition, supply and demand trends. That’s not to mention key factors abetting its evolving demands across many markets.

Meantime, October saw the lowest volume of sales seen by the Tahoe Sierra MLS predating 2016, according to moonshsinenk.com, based on TLUXP.com.

In September, the number of single family homes dipped while the median price – both month and over month and year over year – scooted north. And this year? Funny you should ask: it represents the highest October median month in the same period the area’s had. Varying peaks and valleys are being felt in each micro region, culminating in a landscape of inconsistency. 

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