Thursday, 01 June 2023 13:50

Forward march

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A little forward thinking, anyone? Surely, now, there must be some…

Either way, as reported in a Global Market Insights Inc research study, by 2032, it’s anticipated the alternative financing market valuation will surge past $40 billion, according to

The trigger? The financial industry’s been revolutionized by grease lighting strides in tech – especially fintech. Borrowers and investors have been in the position to link up directly, with no use of intermediaries. You can attribute that to alternative financing platforms taking advantage of technology to dispense services that are efficient and user friendly.

Furthermore, from anywhere – and at any time -- borrowers and investors can take part in alternative financing transactions fueled by the popularity of online platforms and mobile apps, according to

Industry trends also are being cultivated by regulatory frameworks set by governments and financial authorities.

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