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It might be easy to see why some opt for active fixed income strategies.

After all, they boast a host of advantages, including the paring down interest rate sensitivity and control duration risk, according to catalyst-insights.com.

Echoed npifund.com: Risk mitigation is the real advantage of active fixed-income management. Unlike a passive strategy, the active fixed route dispenses the opportunity set of investments beyond the fixed income benchmark index. Not only that, managers can hit or release the button on risk. 

Additionally, with active funds, careful security selection may culminate in careful liquidity and quality analysis, according to etfdb.com. Rather than being on the hook for thousands of bonds to generate a carbon copy and index’s holdings, when it comes to security selection, actives pickers can be more discerning.

A new paper entitled ‘Active Fixed Income Perspectives Q3 2022: Bonds are back,’ the potential for active finds to uncover solid returns in the bond markets – even as default rates escalate and central banks try to leave things intact, the fixed income team at investment giant Vanguard’s fixed income team, fronted by Sara Devereux, has analyzed the potential for active funds to find solid returns in the bond markets.

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