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Why Private Real Estate is Poised to Outpace Public

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Jonathan Brasse discussed a recent white paper from Swiss alternatives group, Partners Group, about why private markets are poised to grow faster than public ones over the next decade in an article for PEREnews.

In essence, Partners Group notes the changing landscape for private markets, and how they are playing a larger role in financing the ‘real economy’. Since 2016, funding on private markets has exceeded that of public markets. Last year, about $400 billion was raised on public markets, while more than $1 trillion was raised in private markets.

Another change is that companies raising on private markets are generally healthier and more profitable than ones listing on public exchanges. These trends are also evident in the real estate market.

Fundraising for real estate in private markets has been steadily growing, while the number of real estate IPOs has dwindled. In terms of future returns, real estate listed on private markets has a better chance to be renewed, repurposed, and transformed, while such expenditures are less common on the public side given the pressures of quarterly earnings and shorter time horizons of public investors. 

Finsum: Private markets have been overtaking public markets in terms of funding. This trend is also happening in real estate markets.


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