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Wells Fargo’s recruiting efforts have been no secret, but it looks like it is starting to pay off. In Q1 of 2022 they brought in over $5.4 billion in assets under management. Wells had seen advisors flee as a result of various public scandals in the last few years. They had lost 1.5% of their advisors in Q4 of 2021 and 8.5% in the whole year prior. The firm has said they are more pleased with their recruiting efforts as of late, but they are still putting forth efforts in the hiring process to retain and recruit advisors.

Finsum: Wells Fargo may be turning a new leaf and the bonuses related to advisor recruiting and retention are bringing in more assets.

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2021 set an all time record for American’s quitting with approximately 47 million opting to leave their jobs and giving the year the title the ‘Great Resignation’. However, financial advisors have remained insulated from the one off spike. Many say this has to do with how advisors see their business, and being their own practitioners. This holds many companies accountable for keeping advisors satisfied because they can take their book of business elsewhere. Still there have been a slight increase in quits but that's part of a broader trend over the last three years for financial advisors.

Finsum: Firms are definitely getting the message, and are increasing measures for both retention and hiring in order to grow scale and attract advisors.

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Wednesday, 16 March 2022 19:57

Recruiting and Retaining Female Advisors

Female advisors are heavily underrepresented in advising, and that's just because the industry fundamentally doesn’t understand how to recruit and retain them. Female advisors represent about a fifth of the industry. The number one way according to research to obtain and retain female advisors is having women occupy leadership positions. Additionally, female advisors want more flexibility stressed in the hiring process. A pipeline strategy with flexibility is a wonderful way to hire more female employees and retain them afterward.

Finsum: Female advisors can click and connect with different sets of clientele and are an underrepresented portion of the financial industry.

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Monday, 28 February 2022 17:23

A New Approach in Advisor Recruiting

Financial firms have tried desperately to increase recruiting efforts in the last year or two. While companies like Wells Fargo concentrated on incentive-based tools around retention and recruiting Ameriprise Financial has taken a technology approach. In partnership with Seismic, they have ramped up the suite of technological offerings in order to track, grow, and run their business. The biggest tools offered are LiveDocs, LiveSend, and Interactive Content which all augment their services in order to allow them to compete with larger companies They see their automation efforts as a superior offering to purely financial incentives and it resulted in over 2% growth in the last year.

Finsum: A new approach to advisor recruiting by Ameriprise could definitely give their advisors an edge over competitors and lead to more long-term growth in recruits.

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Edward Jones and LPL are two industry titans in terms of total advisor employment, but these firms are moving in drastically different directions when it comes to talent acquisition and development. Once Jones had a 30,000 advisor target but since the pandemic, they have scaled back recruitment efforts and shifted strategy. This had their numbers dwindle by 2% year over year to 18,823 brokers. LPL on the other hand has doubled down on recruiting efforts and saw its head count surge by 15%. What drove this growth was a combination of new recruiting models and full-service firms and acquisitions. However, despite losing advisors Jones saw revenue grow by 22% from 2020 to 2021, because the rising markets increased the fee-based revenue.

Finsum: There are lots of transitional costs from squirting new talent: training, legal, etc in the short run this can eat at the bottom line when trying to grow.

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