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Saturday, 17 September 2022 04:58

Pillar Life to Sell Annuities Directly to Consumers

A new insurance company plans on selling non-variable annuities directly to consumers. Former Global Bankers Insurance Group executives teamed up to start Pillar Life by forming Pillar Insurance LLC and using the entity to acquire Continental Life Insurance Company. Pillar Insurance renamed Continental Life to Pillar Life last year. The company plans on building a web-based self-service process by April 2023. The insurer has already posted guides to multi-year guaranteed annuity contracts and single-premium immediate annuities on its website. The Interstate Insurance Compact, which is an organization that helps states review product and rate filings, has approved Pillar Life forms for an SPIA contract and a single-premium deferred annuity contract. Pillar Life will also offer life insurance and supplemental health insurance products. For clients, this means they will have more ways to buy annuities on their own. For advisors, however, it will likely make it more difficult to go through the paperwork to find out what clients own.

Finsum:Pillar Life plans on offering non-variable annuities direct to consumers through a web-based self-service model.

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According to a survey conducted by Schroder Investment Solutions, more financial advisors are outsourcing investment management to model portfolio services. The survey, which was conducted in May, suggested that the shift towards third-party portfolio management is continuing, with 17% of advisers stating that they have increased their use of outsourced solutions over the past twelve months. The number of advisers that reported outsourcing more than half of their client’s assets had risen from 21% in November to 31% in May. The factors influencing advisor outsourcing include, in order, access to investment expertise and resources, effective volatility management, spending more time with clients, and improved operational effectiveness. For some advisors, investment expertise in sustainable investing has led to outsourcing. Volatility management as a factor reflects an emphasis that advisors have placed on active management during the current market turmoil.

Finsum:Based on the results of a recent survey, more advisors are outsourcing investment management to third-party model portfolio providers due to their investment expertise and volatility management.

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Tuesday, 17 May 2022 17:27

How to Respond to Volatility

The market is seeing some of the highest volatility since the pandemic and before that, you have to go back to the taper tantrum, but how should investors respond? While the most obvious answer is to ‘buy the dip’, the question remains where. Investors should look to industries whose fundamentals haven’t shifted in the most recent months or are less susceptible to the ongoing volatility shifts. This value tilt means leaning towards financials and commodities. Moreover, investors should steer clear of those exactly susceptible to current volatility spikes. Technology and emerging markets are easy stay-aways because inflationary pressures are going to hurt growth stocks and supply constraints will bottle up developing economies for the foreseeable future.

Finsum: More advanced hedging strategies should be considered in equity markets given the volatility, but still tilt toward value.

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